“Digital Marketing in Nepal meets Innovation” 

Adbhud Marketing currently operates as one of the finest digital marketing company in Nepal. Founded by tech and marketing whiz Sushav Nath Upreti, our journey as a result-orientated digital marketing service began in the year 2020. In a mere year, we created a breakthrough by working on unique yet extremely efficient strategies. We partnered up with more than 20 companies in our initial phase. Throughout the year, we kept ourselves busy perfecting digital marketing services in Nepal’s booming online market.

The achievement of our company’s goals revolves around the achievements of our clients in their marketing endeavors. An astounding number of clients expressed their trust and satisfaction in all our work. Thus, Adbhud strives to create a one-stop solution for all digital marketing perils.

We work closely as a digital marketing partner, gearing towards providing first-class creative services to the client’s satisfaction. With a fully ROI-based approach, we want to establish the true potential of digital marketing in Nepal. As an up-and-coming digital marketing agency in Kathmandu, we look forward to spreading our wings into various avenues of digital marketing in Nepal.

From the plethora of digital marketing strategies, Adbhud has an ever expanding inventory of result-driven marketing services to offer our esteemed clients. With the rapid growth of our company, we strive to introduce the best digital marketing services to Nepalese market.

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The Secret to Successful Digital Marketing in Nepal

At Adbhud, we believe quality input begets quality output. Hence, we have a series of simultaneous processes that adhere to best practices of digital marketing in Nepal.


Meeting the Clients

Next, we sit in a meeting with our clients. We arrange the meeting in the flexibility of circumstances. For instance, recently our team resorted to an online mode of meeting during the COVID-19 lockdown period. The meeting allows our digital marketing agency to acquaint itself with the client’s goals and expectations.


Initial Confirmation

Receptive to the constant flux of digital marketing trends in Nepal, Adbhud strives to propose practical solutions with a fresh perspective We extend our services to clients to assist them with better and up-to-date strategies. At other times, clients from varied backgrounds approach us for their specific marketing goals. Thus, we initially confirm a meeting with our potential clients for further discussion.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to open our services to:



Businessmen and Industrialists

We provide assistance to enrich marketing opportunities to marketing departments of corporate houses in Nepal.


Corporate Houses

We provide assistance to enrich marketing opportunities to marketing departments of corporate houses in Nepal.

Our Vision

Running on the core essence of brand marketing, we strive to perfect the brand image of all our clients. We passionately pursue long-term connections with our clients in order to assist them in receiving result-orientated marketing services. Our vision stems from the aspiration to extend our services to international clients as well. Likewise, Adbhud has plans to expand into versatile ventures to create a sustainable business model.

Why Adbhud Marketing?

Covered in our Secret Receipe section, our clients initially approach with a goal mind. From there, Adbhud Marketing makes all the difference !


Unmatched Accessibility

Gone are the days when digital marketing would be limited to only a few businesses. We at Adbhud bring one of the most accessible services with only the best results. As both an online and offline establishment, we are highly adaptable and accessible in terms of seeking digital services in Nepal.


Result Oriented

Centered around results, Adbhud every paisa invested is every paisa earned with Adbhud digital marketing services. With each client, we exceed their expectations in the quality of the results. Moreover, we cater legitimate and quantifiable results for digital marketing services. Thus, our clients express satisfaction towards our services as their intelligent investment return in great folds.