Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting
After a certain examination, we always expect the results. So, why not expect the results of your digital marketing experiences? Analytics and Reporting services in digital marketing is a fairly new service. Adbhud is one of the pioneers in offering these useful and integrated services. We like to say–without analytics and reporting, digital marketing is just guesswork!

Reporting firstly summarizes all sorts of achievements and differences since the time the client pursued digital marketing services. It allows clients to get a better glimpse of the improvements and track important changes in numbers.

Analytics on the other hand allows a more critical view of the collected data. It translates into forms that become helpful for valuable insights. If you want to better your business, analytics is a must! All the raw data is converted to pointers of your business’s weaknesses to minimize and strengths to increase.

Any digital marketing service’s true return cannot be measured without Analytics and Reporting. So, if you wish to fully determine the true returns on the investment, refer to Analytics and Reporting services.

Scope of Analytics and Reporting Services in Nepal
Analytics and Reporting in Nepal do not seem like a practiced aspect of digital marketing. This happens mostly because very few digital marketing agencies offer these services. However, not applying Analytics and Reporting in Nepal has led to businesses not knowing if they have profited or had a loss to their applied digital marketing strategies.

Not all Nepalese businesses apply Analytics and Reporting in Nepal but all the smart ones do. These reports and analytics are a guideline to further enhance aspects of digital marketing. Without these, the crux of digital marketing aids cannot be fully understood. Think of it this way. If your business is using digital marketing services but does not track the number of engagements, what improvement could you possibly conjure? Take any booming online business in Nepal. You should already know they take digital marketing analytics and reports very seriously!

What do Analytics and Reporting actually do?
Digital marketing is one of the leading improvement factors of any business in today’s world. But how can one still get the best of digital marketing? The answer is Analytics and Reporting services. The service entails the collection of all the data since the start of the service. The data is collected accordingly from engagement to views to likes and dislikes. From there, experts convert these raw data to understandable quantities. Then, they are analysed to bring understandable insights.

Adbhud’s Compact Analytics and Reporting
Here are a few given advantages of the Adbhud Analytics and Reporting:

  1. Increased Profits
    Studies carried out on the efficiency of using Analytics and Reporting services have shown that companies are 6 times more profitable than in previous years. Such massive increment was the result of data-driven analysis and targeted efforts. Adbhud’s compact analysis will help you achieve similar feats in targetted time.
  2. Apt Solutions
    If we did not have reports of our exams, how could be aware of our performance? Similarly, digital marketing can only work towards the best suitable solution if there are data to consider. If there are reports of low engagement within one month from one- minute TikTok video, you could try going for a shorter video. But you wouldn’t have known this without knowing that longer videos bore audiences from the analysis. Thus, analytics and reporting go hand in hand for a targeted solution.
  3. Better Engagement
    When you consider better content, you get better engagement. Digital campaigns are the core to getting better engagements. However, if you do not have engaging content, how could you expect engagements? Better understand your engagements of the lack thereof with Adbhud’s finest Analytics and Reporting services.

Again, Analytics and Reporting go hand in hand with other digital services. Explore Adbhud’s widest range of digital marketing services today.