Hiring In-House Digital Marketer VS Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing, in short, can be defined as a form of marketing that uses the internet and online-based digital technologies in order to promote their goods and services. Every company we see today uses digital marketing rather than the traditional method of marketing as it is measurable, lets you set your targeted audience, can be customized, helps reach many people, and gives back the value i.e. there is the return on investment.

In-house digital marketer means the marketing activities are carried out by the employees of the, in the organization itself whereas Digital Marketing Agency is the experts who work outside the company and specializes in core marketing activities as per the company demands. These types of agencies are the group of people who are specialized and expert in the marketing field. Hiring an in-house marketer and choosing a digital marketing agency both adds value to our product or service but there are few cons that the in-house digital marketer has. Hiring an in-house digital marketer might not be as easy and convenient as it sounds. There can be various problems which might hamper our work. Hassle of recruitment and training, lack of proper knowledge about digital marketing or very limited knowledge, lack of experience, lack

of resources can be a major problem that is very likely to be faced by the company. Compromising on design and longer time consumption is the most common problem of in-house digital marketers. Hiring a digital marketing agency or outsourcing can be very beneficial for the company as they work on the core product and have greater knowledge and experience. The major advantage of a marketing agency over an in-house marketer is that the work will get done no matter what as per our needs and requirements. Another plus point can be it saves you cost, the salary that you would give your employee can now be added to your budget for actual advertising.

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