Plans to Action:

  1. Consumer Awareness Campaign: Our clients were highly concerned about the lack of consumer awareness " />


    Plans to Action:

    1. Consumer Awareness Campaign: Our clients were highly concerned about the lack of consumer awareness among their customers. This lack of awareness often caused consumers to buy dupes that were not following the standard of health. Thus, Adbhud proposed the “उपभोक्ता जागरुकता” Campaign which aimed to aware and notify the consumers about the difference in brandings. The campaign was vital for consumer’s health prospects. Adbhud’s campaign was a massive success following the informational content promotion among the customers. In addition to aware consumers, Cello received complimentary inquiries from various sellers and dealers willing to sell their premium-grade sunflower oil.
    1. Brand Awareness Phase: Adbhud developed a full-fledged website for Bagmati Oil Industries. The website included several services ranging from photography and videography to SEO-based content. Following the website, several social media marketing strategies were put in place including result-orientated Facebook ads.
    1. “Afno Swaad Contest”: The online contest began with the goal to further brand awareness of Cello Sunflower Oil. Eventually, the contest saw success with many participants and increasing social media following. Moreover, Cello saw a significant increase in sales with the onset of the content.
    1. Cello Cooking Series: In light of the COVID-19 lockdown, Adbhud recommended the start of the Cello Cooking Series. The series with several unique recipes took over like a storm due to the increased interest of people in cooking during that time. This series also increased the credibility of Cello as a well-established and health-conscious brand. Even during a slow period in sales for other sectors, Cello fared considerably well.
    1. “Tihar Kaa Parikaar”: With the successful partnership with Havells Home Appliances, the Tihar Kaa Parikaar was added to the cooking series. The event featured five Tihar recipes including some fan-favorites like nimki. The strategy worked wonders to further strengthen the brand awareness among people.
    1. Advertisements and Promotions: Initially starting from the eastern side of Nepal, advertisements and promotions also expanded to Dhangadi, Pokhara, and Baglung. Consequently, Cello joined hands with new dealers and established several distributors in these areas.

    The Results:

    • Massive public awareness of the difference between premium quality oil and dupes in the Nepali market
    • Establishment in several distributors in Eastern Nepal
    • Connection with several dealers in Hill part of Nepal
    • Number of inquisitive inquiries and positive reflection of the Cello brand
    • Strengthened brand awareness through conscious efforts on consumer awareness