Ventures International

aisen tv and AC Price

Client Information:


Adbhud partnered up with Ventures to introduce international brands into the Nepali market. After a series of discussions, several dealers were appointed first. Then, Adbhud came up with a high ROI-based strategy to spearhead an effective social media marketing campaign.

aisen tv and AC Price


  • Establish the newly introduced Ventures International into the Nepali market
  • Create long-term and lasting brand awareness
  • Revitalize the outlook of marketing in social media 

Services provided:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Seasonal Advertising
  • Videography
  • Strategy Formation

Plan of Action:

  1. Social Media Revamp: As the 21st century desperately seeks relevant and creative content, Adbhud targetted social media to instantly set up a good audience, to begin with. We updated the client’s social media with fun and impressive content which appealed to a large range of audience. The posts were boosted consistently over time. Moreover, our team also handled the message inquiries along the way.
  1. Special Festive Content: Various occasions like Dashain, Tihar, and New Year’s Day granted us the opportunity to cook up special content. Many audiences loved the tunes of “चाडबाडको उत्साह उमङ्ग मनाऔं Havells र Lloyd सँग” which was one of the most successful parts of the featured festive content. Most of the engagement was also received through these versatile campaigns.
  1. Strategy for Product Introduction: Versatile International was introducing four fairly new electric brands. Keeping this in mind, Adbhud suggested an advertising campaign alongside social media marketing. From home appliances of Havel and Aisen to Volta and Lloyd’s bigger electronics, we tried to bring out the best of these products into the Nepali market. Within a short period, these products gained a stable momentum in sales.

The Results:

  • Positive audience responses and massive growth in brand awareness
  • Efficient and cost-effective social media marketing
  • Successful promotions leading to rising sales and credibility
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Client Testimony:

“We are happy with our decision to choose Adbhud as our digital marketing agency. Their strategies have helped us gain strong brand awareness in the Nepalese market.”