Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing in Nepal

Ever wondered how people are marking so much money from being an influencer on social media? Well, currently, it’s the hottest trend in the market. Apart from personal gains, influencer marketing can also be taken up by a brand. A brand doing some influencing to improve their customers’ lifestyle? That’s an honorable brand right there. Influencer marketing strategy comes in handy not only for brand awareness but brand growth in general.

Influencer marketing is more than just letting a brand ambassador say a rehearsed speech. It’s about connecting with your audience. When you have a valuable platform, it’s important to bring out important messages. It is through this active initiation, the audience can differentiate between a seller and an influencer. Thus, influencer marketing platforms have been gaining all the hype in today’s world.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Simply put, influencer marketing mashes two useful ingredients to create a bang: influencer and marketing techniques. So, when a brand creates content with the help of celebrities, these fall within the category of influencer marketing strategy.

Just think of it this way. Would a recognizable face on a brand’s poster be more compelling than a nobody holding up even the best product? Absolutely. Researches show that we already have a certain bias toward celebrities we love. Thus, whenever they seem to promote things, we feel a certain obligation to buy them. Look at the BTS McDonald’s Meal. This is one of the smartest influencer marketing strategies to reign in 2021.

influencer marketing in nepal

Influencer Marketing Services in Nepal

Influencers are rampant in all forms of social media in Nepal. More so, they are gaining huge advantages over traditional marketing in recent days. Some influencer marketing examples can be the usage of famous celebrities like Rajesh Hamal and Ma-Ha Jodi in advertisements. In the social media realms, previous Miss Nepals have been excessively resorting to influencer marketing platforms.

With the rise of influencers, influencer marketing services in Nepal have also picked up their pace. In fact, Adbhud currently stands as one of the top-class influencer marketing services in Nepal. With goals of quick, long-lasting, and quality brand awareness, influencer marketing is doing its fair share of digital marketing these days.

Adbhud as an Influencer Marketing Agency in Nepal

Adbhud understands the hurdles of social media algorithms and how difficult it is to land on explore pages. That’s where our experts in influencer marketing jump in to research these algorithms and work together to build the best marketing strategy for our clients. We provide the most cost-effective influencer marketing strategies that can help you cover other grounds of marketing simultaneously. Our elaborated services include:

1. Promotions

Any new event or product can be in need of effective marketing before its launch. What better way than collaborating with known celebrities to promote them? Promotion allows the event or product to garner hype pre and post-introduction. It makes sure all the eyes are on your brand!

2. Advertisements

Advertisements via influencer marketing strategies are one of the most effective and efficient ways to increase sales. Moreover, it is a rather cost-effective method. In fact, the credibility of the brand also increases with smarter investments in such influencer marketing examples.

3. Shout-Outs

Shout-outs by influencers are the talk of the town. A simple shout-out by a trustworthy source can do wonders for any venture. Adbhud creates influential campaigns tailored to the client’s expectations in order to bring a result-orientated effort.