Videography Service in Nepal

Awesome jam-packed videos often bring in a large number of audiences in an instant. That is why most businesses tend to invest in quality video production in Nepal. The better the video, the more traffic comes around to your website. Think of it this way. Remember the time a video compelled you to buy something because it showcased a product that good. Videography in its essence creates a long-lasting creative image for your brand and promotes it in the most exclusive medium.

What is Videography?

Videography is an exclusive process of capturing moving images on electronic media. The higher the quality of the media, the higher the quality of the video. From new broadcasting to film-making, videography is a key tool that brings the story alive. Today, the expanse of videography has also embarked on online streaming of social media users. While often overlooked, videography plays an inevitable role in appealing to audiences. The advantage here is that videography appeals to people of all ages, especially if the audience is targeted.

Videography as Digital Marketing Service in Nepal

Videographers in Nepal unanimously agree the demand for them is increasing more than ever.
Moreover, videography as a digital marketing service in Nepal is accessible and the smart investment choice. In 2017, videos were chosen as the content marketing service of the year. In the following years, videography started becoming a strategy on its own.

Therefore, videography courses in Nepal have risen in popularity considerably. However, videography as a digital marketing tool differs from simple videography. With the goal of marketing, videography is often made for a target group during both video production and post-production stages. Commonly used in advertisements of businesses, videography aims to appeal to a larger range of audiences, unlike texts or website blogs.

Adbhud as Videography company in Nepal

Research has shown a mere mention of a ‘video’ in your email can increase the chances of it being open up to 20%. Today, almost 500 million Facebook users watch videos every day. So, how can one utilize all this knowledge to improve one’s own marketing strategy?

Well, that’s where Adbhud videography marketing services come into play. As one of the up-and-coming marketing agencies in Nepal, Adbhud has extended its services to videography as well. Some of the most remarkable services offered by Adbhud are:

1. Landing Page Video

Conversion rates go up to 80% with videos on the landing page. Landing page videos show what the brand is all about. It also shows humanity towards customers who are at a disadvantage of reading. The video encapsulates many perspectives in a very short time. Thus, it not only saves your time but your customer’s time as well. In another sense, landing page videos create a welcoming environment for all kinds of prospective customers.

2. Advertisement

Long gone are the days when advertisements were printed in the newspaper. In the digital age, no one has time to go through pages. Internet users need time-limiting, to-the-point, and creative advertisements to impress them. Adbhud makes sure your ads remain so unique that users stop scrolling right at your brand ad.

3. Promotional Videos

Looking forward to promoting a new product or addition to the brand? Promotional videos introduce these products in a non-pushy way to the audiences. You don’t want to come off pushy at all. Adbhud makes sure promotional videos adhere to both creative and practical standards. We also make sure to consult with the clients on their perspectives along the process for better results.

4. Informational Videos

Informational content should be the goal of recently started businesses and ventures. The strategy unfolds a creative way to reach audiences without sounding like a pushy seller. Informational videos can be on various topics relating to your brand. This marketing strategy makes your brand look intelligible and compelling as well.

5. Smart Content

Adbhud recognizes the need of current times. From live streams of events to demo videos of your brand’s services, smart content opportunity lies everywhere. Other compelling smart contents are customer reviews and testimonial videos. Adbhud makes sure the smart content adapts flawlessly to the marketing goal of our clients.

6. Research and Reporting

Another of our famous services is researching on opponent website’s strategies to create better strategies for the clients. In a rank-based competition, it is essential to monitor the competitor’s moves. Thus, Adbhud makes a summarized report to consult the clients as well. From there, Adbhud alongside the client’s support unlocks the best strategy to adopt.